Machon Eitan

“mapping” your soul

Eitan Method allows the learner to see a clear picture of the structure of the soul and the interaction that is taking place between all its parts. Currently classes are in Hebrew.

Eitan Method
Chana Rut Avraham is the C.E.O. of Machon Eitan (Eitan institute) and the developer and founder of the EITAN method. Eitan is three-dimensional psychology based on the book of Tanya

She developed Eithan method in 2005 based on the book of Tanya, Tanya is the book that “map” our soul. The uniqueness of the book is that the author allows the learner to see a clear picture of the structure of the soul and the interaction that is taking place between all its parts
(איתן – אני יודע תעצומות נפשי)Eitan stands for “I know my soul’s strength”

The method is taught in workshops, lectures, and personal guidance, in Israel, Europe, and the United States, 

The method is not a theory. It is the practical tool that brings the theory and philosophy to actions; it is the practical tool to pave the way towards emotional freedom, growth, flourishing, and prosperity.

The Eitan method is well known and extremely successful and as of today the Eitan institute has two branches in central Israel and planning to open a third one, God willing, next year in Jerusalem
Chana Rut is a highly sought after lecturer. Her lectures are structured as a workshop with audience participation. She brings spirituality and inspiration to her lecture and fascinates the crowd with her new three-dimensional method. Her lectures are in Hebrew or Spanish

She lectures on a wide array of issues: Parenting, Jewish marriage, Shluchot issues, Youth, and more

For a list of our workshops topics, currently available in Hebrew only  click here 

What do the experts have to say about us:

The department of Research and development at Levinsky College of Education had chosen to make a research on Eitan Method. Women that had studied Eitan were given questionnaires to assess their experience and the effect of Eitan on them. In addition Professor Gilat and Dr. Sagi conducted personal interviews with couples and with  participants. In order to understand the Eitan Method they experienced it  one on one sessions with Chana Rut Avraham.


These are some of the question that were asked and the high positive results in precentage

  • I feel Eitan have contributed to all the areas of life 76% 76%
  • I wish the meetings were for a longer period 75.2% 75.2%
  • I believe that I am a better parent now 77.9% 77.9%
  • I will take courses offered by Ethan again 79.1% 79.1%

The research was conducted over a period of 6 months with about 120 participants. The results are reflecting the success of “Eitan” which was highly graded in all of the subjects. Such as Parental, Couples, and Personal enrichment, and self-awareness. Here are some of the results


גרף מחקר