Machon Eitan

“mapping” your soul

Eitan Method allows the learner to see a clear picture of the structure of the soul and the interaction that is taking place between all its parts. Currently classes are in Hebrew.

Terms Of Use

1. Definition
These statues that the terms in this Terms of Use shall have the meaning as described next to them, unless the context implies otherwise.
1.1. “Eitan Institute” – Chana Rut Avraham CPF 013 232 814
1.2. “Store” and / or “Site” – registration form to classes, lectures and / or workshops of Eitan’s Institute website;
1.3. “User” – a person and / or entity who entered to “Ethan Institute” online, via the internet;
1.4. “Participant” – user that registered to classes, lectures and / or workshops that are published on the Eitan Institute website;
1.5. . “Registration” – Register to classes, lectures and / or workshops in accordance with the Regulations of the Terms of Use.

2. General
2.1. Provisions of these regulations shall apply to any use made by you on the site and any purchase that would be carried out by you through the Site, and will form the basis for any discussion between you and Eitan Institute. Therefore, you are asked to read rules fully and carefully.
2.2. Browsing the site and / or purchasing the services offered for sale, constitutes your agreement to accept and abide by the regulations. Therefore, if you do not accept the conditions, you are requested not to use the site.
2.3. Chapter titles are given to the comfort and familiarity and will not be used in interpreting the regulations.
2.4. Eitan Institute is a website that allows receiving information and to register for lessons, lectures and / or workshops in the field of psychology. The access, viewing and recording is done via the Internet and over the phone. The Company does not in any way shape or form whatsoever responsible to content fed to the system by the users themselves (the “Service”).
2.5. In this Terms of Use wherever the use is in the masculine form, the intention is also to female.
2.6.User  under 18 may review the content published on the site. If he registered to one of the classes, lectures and / or workshops  and he is under 18 Eitan Institute cannot be held responsible and no claim can be institute against Eitan Institute for the actual payment.

3. Payments for purchases on site
3.1. Registration payment for lectures, classes and / or workshops on the website will be by credit card. The service is available to valid credit card holders in Israel and overseas using one of the credit companies operating in Israel and abroad and can be used to perform site registration, at the sole discretion of the Institute, when payment for enrollment classes, lectures and / or workshops on the site will be made by credit card.
3.2. It is preconditioned to users’ registration for classes, lectures and / or workshops or for any financial transaction the approval of the credit card company for the purchase and the collection of the funds by the Eitan Institute.
3.3. However, the user can make a reservation by phone and / or e-mail and / or any other reasonable means, and pay the institute in cash or checks or bank transfer, and all on the basis of commercial negotiations between Eitan’s Institute and the participant and with the consent of the parties.

4. Performing registration / making an order / a purchase
4.1. Product description and price are those in the caption of the site only. Prices listed on the website are for sale on the site only and include VAT.
4.2. For making the purchase, the user will be required to put in the following data: first and last name, full address including street name, house number, apartment number, city and zip code, credit card number and date of the user’s credit card validity. Identifying products that the user want to purchase on the Site, the number of units of each product it wishes to purchase and the amount to be paid.
4.3. Full and exclusive responsibility for any errors in entering data by the participant will apply to the participant, and the participant shall bear all the results may be due to an error in data entry. Computer records as they appear in Eitan’s Institute and / or the credit card company shall constitute prima facie evidence that the data in them are data which were entered by the participant.
4.4. Eitan’s Institute declares that the information, which is obtained from the client is for billing and shipping, and for the purpose of the purchase only, excluding information on credit data which will be delivered to the credit companies and the address which will be delivered for the purpose of shipping the product / order, Class lectures and / or workshops. The information will not be transferred to third party. Eitan Institute undertakes to protect this information through the reasonable and customary measures.
4.5. Submiting data required by the participant and sending it, it’s the participant’s commitment to purchase the product and pay the institute the price specified on the site.
4.6. The participant commits that the credit card company will transfer the amount of the purchase to Eitan Institute.

5. Cancellation
5.1. Registration cancellation will be made within 14 days of receiving your registration confirmation classes, lectures and / or workshops or disclosure document, according to the latest among them. Notice of cancellation shall be given by fax / email / mail no later than five days prior to the lessons, lectures and / or workshops in practice, and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 1981.
5.2. If canceled registration not due to incompatibility, cancellation of classes, lectures and / or workshops on the stipulated date or any other breach of the contract, the participant’s money will be refunded within 14 days of receiving the notice of cancellation, except cancellation fee equal to 5% or 100 Shekels whichever is lower. Return of product at the consumer’s expense.
5.3. If canceled enrollment due to incompatibility or due to cancellation of classes, lectures and / or workshops on the stipulated date or any other breach of contract, no cancellation fees apply, the consumer’s money will be refunded within 14 days of receiving the notice of cancellation, and the product will be returned at the expense of the Company.
5.4. The Company shall provide to the consumer a copy of the notice of cancellation provided to credit billing.

6. Products and supply
6.1. The type of products offered for sale on the site, the type and quantity will be determine in its sole discretion of the Eitan Institute.
6.2. Eitan Institute may add products to the site and / or remove products from those appearing on the site and determine the price, everything in its sole discretion.
6.3. Once a registration was made by the participant, Eitan Institute will try to process it in few hours after it was received. If there are still seats available in the classes, lectures and / or workshops, then Eitan Institute will aim to send the registration confirmation to the participant within 2 working days. Participant will receive a confirmation email to the transaction at the end of the transaction. Date to supply classes, lectures and / or workshops on beginning the course.
If classes, lectures and / or workshops initiated by the Eitan Institute will be canceled, the participant is entitled to cancel the deal and get the full amount received. Upon termination of the said transaction and the full refund of the paid amount, the participant shall not have any claim and / or suit against Eitan Institute in connection with the transaction.
6.4. The site maintains ongoing control of the vacancies offered for sale. When inventory is almost complete site operator will inform the consumers or update the number of products remaining in inventory in a prominent place on the site. If after booking it turned out that the product sold out, due to exceptional circumstances, which were not known at time of booking, Eitan Institute will inform the consumer within one business day and will allow him to choose between receiving a replacement product and equivalent or refund all money paid.

7. Payment
7.1. In the event that the credit card company refuses to allow the Institute to collect the proceeds, it would be considered as a cancellation of the order by the participant and shall apply to all the conditions stated for cancellation above of the transaction by the participant.
7.2 Participant shall not be entitled to receive the product purchased before paying the full payment amount, or prior to the approval from the credit card company to collect the proceeds.
7.3 The amount will be paid by credit card in one payment unless otherwise specified by the product and / or the Eitan Institute have a special sale and / or any other agreed between the participant and Eitan Institute.

8. Responsibility
8.1 Eitan Institute products liability is limited to the price of the product to the customer only
8.2 Site payments are transferred through the clearing company Netpay Ltd., the participant hereby acknowledges that any claim of payment and / or the responsibility for billing is of the Eitan Institute only, Netpay Company Ltd. is only payment solution provider.
8.3 Any claim regarding the validity of the request to cancel the payment will be directed to the Eitan Institute and will be the sole responsibility of the Eitan Institute.

9. General
9.1. Is known to the user that submitting an offer under an assumed name and / or providing false information and / or impersonate another person constitute a criminal offense under the Penal Code, 1977. Eitan Institute may provide details of any proposal appears false at its discretion and / or contains information pseudonyms, to the Israeli Police and / or any entity responsible for this issue. Therefore Eitan institute may adopt all available means against the user provided in this section, and without derogating from the right to claim for any damages incurred as a result of these actions.
9.2. Eitan Institute has the right at any time to remove and / or add products for sale on the site and change the price. Participant who made a deal for a certain price cannot apply for another price if the product price after booking is a different price.
9.3. Eitan Institute may cancel a transaction or sale, in whole or in part, in the following cases: 1. A typing error, whether in the product price or the product description; 2. If the Institute discovered that a communication error has occurred and / or technical problem that prevented visitors to use the site properly; 3. In the case of force majeure, act of war, hostilities, terrorism, and / or anything else that will prevent further execution of proper sale. If not accepted offers to purchase products offered on the website. The site’s computer records of activities will be evidence of the correctness of operations. Notice of cancellation of the sale will be given to buyers by phone and / or e-mail to the address specified on the registration page.
9.4. Eitan Institute guarantee the details of the purchase or of a product and / or service on the site and the participant information will be used for internal use only and will not be transferred by Eitan Institute to an external third parties.
9.5. Ethan Institute shall be entitled to change the Terms from time to time at its discretion. The binding Terms of Use will be the one that was published on the date of sale and / or auction.
9.6. All title and intellectual property on the site, including Content contained therein, graphic design and the information contained therein, and any other information related to the website, are exclusively owned by Eitan Institute and no person shall have any right, demand or claim against the Institute regarding these rights and no person is allowed to make use whatsoever of these rights but by Eitan Institute approval only. All proprietary rights in all technology material including software, hardware, plans, specifications, data, processes, inventions and improvements, trademarks, trade secrets and other information that can be identify in some way as related information to the site are owned exclusively by the Eitan Institute and no person will have any right to use it. All rights, excluding proprietary rights or spiritual are website hosting company and / or Credit Card Company and / or the clearing firm rights.
9.7. Exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute and / or claim of user and / or participant against Eitan Institute will be in a qualified court in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or Haifa or Be’er Sheva.

10. Security and Privacy
10.1. Eitan Institute carefully administers the site and takes precaution to maintain the confidentiality of client information as far as possible.
10.2. Transfer credit card data on the site is – according to the standard PCI technology and encrypted in SSL form.
10.3. In cases which are not controlled by Eitan Institute and / or  force majeure, Eitan Institute shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, direct or indirect caused to the customer or its representative, if the information is lost or reach a hostile entity and / or be used without authorization. 10.4. Eitan Institute commits not to use the booking details listed on the site, but only for site operation and – in order to allow the execution of orders.
10.5. Eitan Institute commits not to use the booking details listed on the website except indicated above. Eitan Institute emphasizes that these details will not be passed to third parties.