Machon Eitan

“mapping” your soul

Eitan Method allows the learner to see a clear picture of the structure of the soul and the interaction that is taking place between all its parts. Currently classes are in Hebrew.

Certainly, more than once, when you encounter difficulty and stopped for a moment to weight the different sides of the situation, you felt the moment where there is a sense of elation, the expansion of the soul, creativity, suddenly new ideas derive and different options to solve the difficulty arise. This is what at the Eitan Institute we teach you to experience

Where does this feeling come from? We have the answers within us to all the questions of life, solutions and strength to compliance with what comes our way. Our job is to make the focus of our lives on the search within us and to find the powerful treasure we were given in our birth, invest in it and allow its progress. It is our negative feelings that holding us back from achieving more of these feeling of elation and expansion of our soul, at our online workshop we give you the “toolbox” to know how to identify the emotion that holds you back and how to deal with it.

Currently classes are in Hebrew. To see classes list click here

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