Machon Eitan

“mapping” your soul

Eitan Method allows the learner to see a clear picture of the structure of the soul and the interaction that is taking place between all its parts. Currently classes are in Hebrew.

This is a list of positive and negative emotions compiled over the years as a working tool for those who want to identify them and begin to sort them out. If there is an emotions you would like to recommend to add to the list, please send us an email with your recommendation.


Negative Feelings Negative Feelings Negative Feelings Negative Feelings Positive Feelings Positive feelings Positive Feelings
 Ashamed  Embarrassment  Loss of self  Tremor  Acceptance  Honesty  Wealth
 Acidification  Emptiness  Madness  Troubled  Acknowledgement Hope Wellbeing
 Agony  Enslavement  Misery  Unclear  Admiration Integrity Whole
 Alienation  Exhaustion  Misfortune  Uncomfortable  Alert Joy Wonder
 Angry  Exile  Missing out  Unworthiness Alive Liberation Amazement
 Anxiety  Existential  Mistrust  Vagueness Appeasement Lightness Yearing
 Apathetic  Expectations  Neglect  Wandering Balanced Longing
 Appealed  Extreme Fear  Nerves  Weak Belomging Love
 Betrayal  Failure  Nuisance  Weakness Blossom Loyalty
 Bitter  Fallen  Opacity  Worry Bold Merriment
 Boredom  Fatigue  Overwhelm  Wretchedness Calm Needed
 Broken  Fear  Pain Careful Openness
 Burdened  Frazzled  Panic Caution Frankness
 Caught Up  Frightened  Pessimistic Cheerulness Optimism
 Choking  Frozen  Poor Clarity Passion
 Closed  Frustrated  Pressure Cleanliness Patience
 Cold  Giving In  Pride Clear Peaceful
 Collapse  Gloom  Rage Closeness Pleasure
 Comfort  Grief of Anguish  Recoil Comfort Powerful
 Complication  Grudge  Rejection Committed Protection
 Concern  Guilt  Repelled Completion Immunity
 Condescending  Gullible  Resentment Connected Quite
 Confused  Hassled  Revenge Courage Receiving
 Conscience  Hatred  Rotten Daring Reconciliation
 Constrained  Heavy  Sad Determination Relevance
 Contempt  Helplessness Scared  Ease Relief
 Contracted  Hesitation Scattering Elevated Remorse
 Control  Horrified Self  pity Encouraging Responsibility
 Crazy  Hostility Self ruin Endearment Satisfaction
 Crushed  Humiliation Sensitivity Energy  Security
 Deadness  Hunger Shaken  Enthusiasm Self confidence
 Defeat  Hurt insulted Shamed Excitment Self Control
 Deficiency  Hysteria Shattered Expansion Self esteem
 Depletion  Indifferent Shock Exultation Self Trust
 Depression  Inferiority Shrinking  Faith Self worth
 Despair  Innocence Slighted Fearlessness Sensitive
 Destruction  Insecurity Smashing Flow Serenity
 Disappointed  Insult Stoic apathetic Focus Soft
 Disconnected  Jealousy Stormy Freedom Spouting
 Disgrace  Kvetched Stress Freshness Stability
 Disgusted  Constricting Stuck Friendship Strength
 Dissolution  Lack of Self trust Stupid Fulliness Sympathy
 Distress  Lacking self worth Suffocation Gentleness Tenderness
 Distrust  Laziness Superior Geula Thankful
 Disturbed  Lie Suspicion Gratefulness Trust
 Dizzy  Loathing Tension Gratitude  Truth
 Doubt  Lonley Terror Growth Victory
 Downtrodden  Longing Threatened Happiness Vigor
 Dreary  Loser Tiredness Health Vitality
 Drenched Dry  Loss Trauma High Warm