Machon Eitan

“mapping” your soul

Eitan Method allows the learner to see a clear picture of the structure of the soul and the interaction that is taking place between all its parts. Currently classes are in Hebrew.

What is the role of light? After all, light adds nothing in reality, why is light so necessary?
It is obvious that without light we can not enjoy what there is, we can not clearly recognize what exists around us. Without light or without enough light we miss opportunities and we lose much of the beauty and pleasures of life.

Darkness has one advantage, convenience. We don’t see so we don’t know, we don’t have to commit, and we are not responsible for anything.

For a while, its nice but there comes a moment that its enough, How long can we live in the dark?

The problem is that when we decide to go back to the light , it seems we have become accustomed to darkness and it is difficult to face the light, the eyes hurt, we are suddenly exposed to flood of information, our brain is overloaded and can’t absorb so much after it had been in the dark, the transition is not easy, we must have the determination to move forward, towards the light, despite the discomfort and not be tempted to retreat to the familiar dark place.

Those who have already come out to the light, know that it takes the eyes few seconds to adjust to it, there is an internal mechanism that immediately takes action and everything works out, but the first time we experienced this process, it seems that the pain will remain forever.

This same process we experience emotionally. Before any renovation, any change, a new beginning, comes the desire for growth, we want to develop, grow, discover new areas, but once we start moving towards our goal, there is a “little voice” that starts our doubts, hesitations, we want to withdraw, and we are wondering whether we chose the right thing. Who needs all this mess? Let’s go back “home” back to our comfort zone back to the”dark”.

Our great fortune is that it is not possible to return to the womb, we were born so we are alive!. The question is what we choose and how we choose to live our lives, we can go on crying about the dreadful sepration from the womb or we can enjoy the new world we came to. While there is legitimacy to cry at first, its up to us  till what age we’ll cry and how long we’ll keep the diapers and the pacifier?

In Machon Eitan (Eitan Institute) we teach you how to reach the new wealth, how to find the strength to persevere and insist on a new light and how to ease the transition from darkness to light.

Our services includes:

Online workshops in a variety of topics, Family relationships, Singles Parenting and more .Currently available only in Hebrew.

Online lectures for Community Centers all over the world.

Online or by phone Personal Guidnace.

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Shilichot Leadership and self enrichment yearly course. This course is taught also in Spanish.